How parents can use home languages to support the home learning and school work of EAL pupils

Date(s) - 19/05/2020
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


This Bell Foundation webinar will be presented by Dr Olga Cara, Senior Researcher and Lecturer in Sociology of Education at UCL Institute of Education.  The webinar will focus on the use of home languages for home and school work with English as an Additional Language children. This topic is even more important under the current circumstances when the majority of children in England are learning at home and parents have support needs in relation to helping their children learn in the best possible way. Some parents may struggle, but at homes where more than one language is used the challenges have additional layers that need considering.

The Foundation will be publishing two guidance documents next week which focus specifically on how the allocation of predicted grades by teachers, and the rank ordering of each student for each grade, will affect students who use EAL. The first document will help EAL co-ordinators, EAL teachers and other EAL specialists participate in the grade allocation process. The second document, for the SLT, will highlight the importance of ensuring fair and objective grade allocations for students who use EAL. Following the webinar a link to these documents will be sent to participants.