Welcome to EAL Children

EAL Children was established in 2017 as a Language@Leeds initiative. We are a network of language researchers and teachers working closely with the NALDIC Yorkshire RIG and LARRY. In 2018-2019 we were funded by a fellowship from the Leeds Institute for Teaching Excellence.

We organise free networking and continued professional development events for teachers and provide information about research on English as an Additional Language and bilingualism in general. We aim to foster productive exchanges and collaborations between teachers and researchers.

To receive information about our events by email, please get in touch: language@leeds.ac.uk

Updates to this website are highlighted through the links below the Twitter feed.

If you work with EAL pupils, please consider becoming one of our research partners.  You might also be interested in our student placement scheme to provide in-school EAL support.  And if you are interested in sharing useful resources you have developed or used, please get in touch. Information on the above can be accessed through the top menu.