Upcoming online courses and webinars with the Bell Foundation

The Bell Foundation are offering are a variety of courses for both primary and secondary practitioners at UK schools in 2022.

Some of the courses include:

PLUS many more!

If you are interested in attending any of theses courses, or want to find out more, click here to go to The Bell Foundations website.

New Great Ideas video: Drama and Role Play

Drama and role play are effective classroom strategies that can be used with any age group, in any subject and with EAL learners at any stage of English language proficiency.

The newly published Great Ideas video ‘Drama and Role Play’ looks at the different ways of using drama and role play, why they are a Great Idea for EAL learners and offers examples that can be implemented in the classroom!

To learn more, click HERE

New guidance from the Bell Foundation: Welcoming Refugee and Asylum Seeking Learners

The Foundation has just published a new guidance page with a downloadable document about welcoming refugee and asylum seeking learners. It contains useful guidance for schools welcoming newly arrived learners who speak English as an Additional Language, as well as links to a variety of relevant teaching strategies and resources.

Click here to view the guidance page and download the leaflet

The Bell Foundation and EAL Nexus websites have been amalgamated

The 150+ resources, guidance and “Great Ideas” from EAL Nexus can now be found in the same place as the EAL Assessment Framework for Schools and digital Tracker, training opportunities, research, news and blogs.  Through combining the expertise, evidence, tools and thought leadership from these two sites, the aim is to provide you with an enhanced, seamless and more complete experience. All the resources and tools are free. You just need to register to access them.

Visit the new website
Find out more about the resources
Great Ideas
The twenty Great Ideas pages provide teachers with the rationale behind using the various tried and tested approaches and strategies recommended for use with everyone in the class, but in particular, with learners who use English as an Additional Language.  Each Great Idea includes links to relevant resources and four Great Ideas include short guidance videos.  Each week additional Great Ideas videos will be posted on the website.

Home Learning

This section of the site includes advice, guidance and resources for teachers working with learners and their parents/carers.  For example, the parental involvement section includes flyers, available in 17 of the commonly spoken languages in English schools, which schools can give to parents so that they are able to help their child(ren) to learn. Find out more here about the guidance.

Continuing Professional Development

The Foundation is developing a national calendar of training – online courses, face-to-face courses being held at regional Centres of Expertise, as well as the very popular series of webinars. There is a webinar running in November. Click here to book a free webinar place.